“During her six months freelancing at M·A·C, Nell was a sterling asset to our creative team, providing us with excellent editorial support across multiple channels. From crafting taglines to creating language for special events to working on complex rebranding projects, Nell rose to the challenge every time, and is eminently capable of being a terrific contributor to any creative environment.” ~ Colleen Nika, Brand Messaging, M·A·C Cosmetics

“I have worked with Nell on several projects, including digital marketing, packaging and displayer copy. She is creatively adept, highly capable and utterly professional. It has been an absolute delight working with her as both team member and a vendor.” ~ Paula Carvajal, LEMONADE Creative

“We had a hard deadline to update our website and turned to Nell for help with the bio writing. Given her background, we knew she could expertly refine the existing language for our 13 team members. Nell delivered flawless copy within a week and ensured each individual’s narrative was easily readable, compelling and pristine. Undertaking the task of restructuring and streamlining over a dozen different voices was no easy feat, but her work proved meticulous and consistent.” ~ Siqi Mou, Founder + CEO, HelloAva

“Nell did a very good job co-organizing movie premiere after parties in New York and Los Angeles surrounding the spring/summer 2016 theater release of Unlocking the Cage. She managed promotions and marketing, secured gift bag donors and beverage sponsors, tapped animal-friendly celebrities (yielding several high-profile social posts) and arranged evening-of onsite volunteers, among other things. Overall she helped the events run smoothly. Most importantly, she assisted in introducing our org to new audiences, which was the major goal for us as a young and small nonprofit.” ~ Kevin Schneider, Executive Director, Nonhuman Rights Project

“When our content business was suddenly without its editor, Nell stepped in to save the day! Her proofreading skills were top notch, she was always willing to help with last-minute deliverables and new assignments, and she remained professional throughout our time working together. With her help, our business didn’t miss a beat.” ~ Jess Ostroff, Founder + CEO, Don’t Panic Management

“Nell’s copywriting chops came highly recommended. As a longtime writer and fellow vegan, Nell immediately felt like a fit ntr rewriting portions of my insurance website, geared towards vegan and animal professionals. She rewrote the universal sidebar, my bio/About Us and the homepage introduction. She likewise rewrote 8 specified sections geared towards various plant-based businesses and organizations — from sanctuaries to shelters, vegan restaurants to cruelty-free CPG manufacturers. Her copy perfectly aligned with what I initially envisioned. It’s well written, of course, but also speaks seamlessly to the very audiences I’m trying to reach. A second opinion yielded the same glowing assessment: Nell is a gifted writer and, more specifically, she knows how to write from and to the vegan perspective. Should you be in need of flawless (yes, she skillfully self-edits) language for your website, or other client-facing copy, there’s no better go-to than Nell. She’s a delight to work with, too; readily reachable and totally transparent throughout the process. Hire her!” ~ Steven Griswold, Founder, Vegan & Animal Professionals Insurance Agency 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with dozens of writers over the last decade, each bringing a unique voice and skill set to the table. My favorites, however, have been those who not only delivered on time and crafted an engrossing story, but also inspired me to reflect on my own work and improve as a writer. Nell is one of these accomplished individuals, creating pieces that go above and beyond expectations and offer a compelling read from introduction to conclusion. Her discipline, extensive professional network, and enthusiastic work ethic are unequaled in my experience as an editor. She is the rare example of a someone who exceeds at all levels of her profession.” ~ Michael D’Estries, Founder + Editor, Ecorazzi

“Nell has long been an active supporter of Woodstock Animal Sanctuary. From writing about us for The Wall Street JournalThe Dodo and other outlets to attending our Manhattan, Brooklyn and Upstate events, she’s always very vocally endorsed what we do. Never was this more apparent than when on September 23, 2015 she hosted a fundraiser she independently organized for our nonprofit in downtown NYC. She approached us early that summer, assuring she would see to every detail. We simply needed to say yes and show up. Over the course of three months she 1) raised funds enough to execute the event (so as not to cut into funds raised on our behalf via ticket sales to cover expenses); 2) secured a venue, a caterer, a deejay, a lineup of comedic talent, a team of trusty volunteers, a step-and-repeat, photographers, sponsors, swag bags, raffle prizes, wine and nonalcoholic beverages, rentals (AV, etc.), press attention, social media buzz and more; and 3) strategized and concepted the entire affair — working with a design firm in LA to create the logo and branded collateral, naming the event, planning the run-of-show, building the Eventbrite ticket page, setting up a Generosity by Indiegogo donation page, inviting all of her Tri-State Area vegan and vegetarian contacts, creating and maintaining the Facebook event page, coining and popularizing a vanity hashtag, promoting across her own social media channels, listing the event via external sources, getting influencers to tweet (MobyAlicia SilverstoneDum Dum Girls, etc.) and more. All told, Laughing for Animals: A Comedy Showcase to Benefit Woodstock Animal Sanctuary raised over $7,000 for our organization. We were not only grateful for the much-needed funds, but also delighted evening-of: The night proved a smashing success all around, as fellow guests can attest to. While this was a volunteer effort on Nell’s part, we recommend her highly to other vegan and animal rights entities looking to host bespoke events in New York.” ~ WAS Director of Development Rachel McCrystal

“When searching for a writer and PR whiz, we needed someone savvy, trustworthy, and dedicated to the hard task ahead of helping a brand new business. Without a doubt, we can now say we are more than happy to have found Nell. Her hard work, passion, and outreach to many publications, podcasts and bloggers provided the recognition we needed to put us on the map. Among her most notable accomplishments in growing our exposure was landing Vegan Scene in The L.A. Times, Racked L.A. and Refinery 29. Also awesome was her ability to not only market our message directly to her large list of vegans and vegetarians, but likewise secure social shares from vegan VIPs and famous folks with strong followings, such as Alicia Silverstone, Mayim Bialik and Suzy Amis Cameron. Further, we appreciate her willingness to go the extra mile: lending input for design collateral, supplying edits to website copy, negotiating our inclusion in recommended ethical retailer lists, and more. Beyond this, we simply liked that she was reliable, prompt in her responses and always available. We highly recommend Nell’s professional services to any conscious company!” ~ Amy Rebecca Wilde, Founder of Vegan Scene

“Before meeting Nell, previously I had hired someone else to write my bio. Far from authentic, I knew I needed something sincere. I realized while discussing my bio desires with Nell that she understood my vision. I wanted it to be short and not too sweet, distilling only the professional essentials — my approach to photography, my passion for weddings and the various services I offer. Nell did a spot on job capturing — and condensing — the real me, conveying my personality while simultaneously keeping things on point. I also loved that she drafted it in the first person, a first for her, making my bio more intimate and direct. I would definitely recommend Nell for all your bio-writing needs. No matter which point of view — first or third or whatever else — Nell gets it done.” ~ Susan Shek, NYC Wedding Photographer 

“A longtime public servant with a focus on education, shifting to founder and CEO of a New York City-based styling consultancy came with its set of challenges. One of those challenges was conveying the fact that the important work I did before — and to an extent still do — informs the different but likewise important work I do now as an entrepreneur. Sharing my professional trajectory in a way that bridged any perceived gaps and weaved a cohesive, compelling narrative was important to me. Nell made that happen. With her storytelling skills, editing chops and talents as a wordsmith, she created a beautiful bio that not only informs with accurate facts, but also communicates my image in a way that is undeniably inviting and, perhaps most significant, makes sense. I love it. In addition to her writing prowess, she was communicative, too, even after it was finished, clearly vested in the final look and feel of my bio. If your bio needs sprucing up or you don’t even know where to begin, I definitely recommend working with her to get it done. Nell delivers! I know I’ll be reaching out to her for future copy projects.~ Nicole Campbell, Founder & CEO, Cepi Style

“If it wasn’t for Nell’s help, our Kickstarter would have likely failed. Her personality, social media skills and stellar reputation made it possible for her to gather interest and outstanding press coverage during an incredibly short period of time (three weeks). We were failed by two publicists before we met Nell, and Nell—never having done publicist work—was able to adapt and deliver. Having a well-respected journalist on your team is key to gaining press and trust from the public. She is an excellent communicator and presented her services in an honest and genuine manner. We plan to keep her on board as long as she’ll let us and are forever indebted to her service during our Kickstarter campaign.” ~ Stephanie Nicora, NICORA Shoes

“It was a pleasure working with Nell to update our 2013/2014 visitor guides to national parks. She played a key role in updating, editing, fact-checking and finessing the text in several guides as we prepared to send them to the printer. Her dedication to accuracy and meticulous editing ensured the quality of the finished product!” ~ Kelly, Managing Editor, American Park Network

“Nell is eager. Her passion for writing is the first thing I noticed, and my lasting impression now, after a dozen projects together. This zeal and integrity was the reason the team chose her to be the face of a blog campaign. And it’s the reason we continue to partner together for original posts and curated content.” ~ Katie Sherman, Associate Copy Director, The Studio at Conde Nast/Corporate Creative

“Nell Alk is a joy to work with. She is an incredibly talented editor who can retain the essence of the message, while cleaning it up to perfection. Her vast knowledge of language is inspiring and it’s clear she cares so much about the finished product. I would love to work with Nell again and again.” ~ Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur, Vaute Couture

“I have known Nell Alk for several years, since she was a student at the Columbia Publishing Course at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2006. She is a diligent and detail-oriented reporter with a good sense of the New York City landscape.

Ms. Alk has been writing for the Heard & Scene section of the Wall Street Journal since the spring of 2012, contributing articles on arts- and music-related topics, as well as animal rights issues. She has also been able to take on event coverage for the page with little to no notice, is persistent when it comes to landing interviews with sources, and has a high-level of accuracy in her articles.” ~ Leslie Hendrickson, News Editor, The Wall Street Journal

“I’ve been commissioning Nell for almost two years as a contributor to House magazine. In that time, she’s consistently been a reliable, enthusiastic contributor, offering tight pitches tailored to specific themes, and then producing sharp, well-written interviews that invariably arrive ahead of deadline, carefully edited and with a close attention to the in-house style and formatting. The kind of contributor that makes editing a magazine much easier.” ~ Justin Quirk, Editorial Director, House magazine

“I approached Nell in November 2011 to contribute content to Liberty Mutual’s The Responsibility Project. Though so far she’s completed just four pieces and has a handful of green-lit pitches in the pipeline, I’ve really enjoyed working with her over the past year. She’s communicative and thorough and always thinking outside the box in terms of ideas for stories. When articles take time, she chimes in with status reports as to what’s happening on her end and doesn’t hesitate to move forward with new projects while other assignments simmer on the back-burner. We enjoy every piece of reporting she’s produced and appreciate her skills as an interviewer. Also, she’s a meticulous proofreader. We’ve never needed to clean anything up, as her work is always polished. We look forward to more material from her and highly recommend her to anyone seeking a writer for their site or otherwise. She’s a young professional anyone would be delighted to work with.” ~ Michael Grimes, Content/VP Editor-In-Chief, Hill Holliday

“I edited Nell when she was the primary writer for Cllctv (“collective”), a culture- and NYC-focused website. Nell is a go-getter, communicative and on-point. Her cultural fluency and experience—with music, film, visual arts, fashion—mainstream and not—allowed her to present a surprising and interesting mix of pitches and to expertly execute on them for Cllctv. Highly recommended!” ~ Dan Mims, Editor & Publisher, Cllctv

“I’ve been Nell’s editor at Blackbook since May 2012 and have since then overseen 20+ pieces submitted by her for publication on our site. During that time I’ve gotten to know her passionate drive for film, theater, music, fashion and art. I’ve also detected her keen knowledge of what’s happening in the NYC entertainment and events scenes. She’s a self-starter, aware of what’s going on, and demonstrates professionalism in myriad ways, not the least of which is her transparency and accessibility. She keeps me apprised of status and articles are on time, if not ahead of schedule. Her work needs limited editing, if any, and zero proofreading. She’s meticulous. Bonus: her interviews with famous figures are lively and entertaining. Working with Nell has been a pleasure. I think any editor would be eager to work with her.” ~ Tyler Coates, Senior Editor, Blackbook

“Recently we had a client that was going through a website remodel. The amount of content they had was astounding and needed to be properly organized and pared down without losing the context of the message. We turned to Nell for assistance with this project and she was wonderful! She asked all the right questions and was very thorough in her approach to getting the messaging for each area just right. Furthermore, she was able to provide us with what we needed on budget and on time, which is critical when passing along client needs to an outside source. We would definitely recommend Nell’s services for others needing a fresh and creative approach to their copy development.” ~ Christopher Mohs, Senior Creative Strategist, Blue Fountain Media

“Nell helped write copy for our Farms2Forks website. We were very pleased with Nell’s work, which was completed timely and professionally. We would consider using her services again.” ~ Brian Wendel, President, Monica Beach Media

“Working with Nell was a pleasure. She is smart, organized, enthusiastic, creative and always willing to pitch in, try something new, take charge. I love her great attitude, good ideas and sharp skills.” ~  Jil Picariello, Copy Director, Reader’s Digest

“Nell is an excellent promotional writer and project manager. She is detail-oriented, well organized and extremely bright. She is a self-starter and a quick study. And her shoe collection is to-die-for.” ~ Dara Furlow, Integrated Marketing Director, Reader’s Digest

“Nell worked with our firm to create an editorial piece and the outcome was superb! Nell’s attention to detail and communication to get the job done on time and within accurate pricing could not have been better. We are extremely proud of the results and look to work with Nell in the future.” ~ Dwayne Clark, Clark Gaynor Interiors

“We hired Nell to clean up copy for an internal document. Her meticulous edits and attention to detail were extremely valuable in delivering a product that we were proud to sign our names to. Nell’s enthusiasm and responsiveness throughout the project was also greatly appreciated.” ~ Samantha Rehders, International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. 

Nell is a great writer. We worked with her while developing our website, blog and other marketing materials. She took the time to understand our business and was extremely creative and helpful while brainstorming and developing our ideas and message to our clients. She conducted herself professionally, was easy to work with and submitted work before deadlines. We have never been more pleased and are constantly receiving compliments from people who review our website. We appreciate her immense talent and we will certainly use her for our next projects.” ~ Omer Gamlieli, SpareGo

“Nell helped us secure quality press coverage in several major outlets. Her writing skills, interpersonal skills, and wide range of connections made a tangible difference in our success.  Most importantly to me, Nell was both dependable and sincerelycommitted to our project.  I hope to work with her again and again in my future endeavors.” ~ Mark Devries, Filmmaker, Speciesism: The Movie

Nell Alk has ‘it’ — a keen, intuitive, tough, sassy, savvy, smart knowing of what it takes to be noticed, for the right reasons. She combines a deep love of and commitment to social justice with a passion for the arts, fashion, food and celeb culture. Nell was an instrumental member of our US Oscar-qualifying theatrical release team, helping  to secure many special guests by leveraging her personal/professional contacts — including Moby, the Virgins’ Donald Cumming, filmmaker Brian Savelson, model/actress/reality TV personality Millana Snow, artist Antonio Santin, filmmaker Alexander Poe  artist David Maddy and filmmaker Shaun Monson, among others — providing press mentions and social shares (from Alicia Silverstone, among others), coordinating footwear for protagonist Jo-Anne McArthur to wear on the red carpet, arranging for an after party deejay and caterer in New York as well as inviting additional photographers to shoot the premieres in both NYC and LA. Nell went above and beyond the call of (volunteer) duty and we are forever grateful for her contributions.” ~ Liz Marshall, Filmmaker, The Ghosts In Our Machine

“Let me begin by first confessing that Nell is a friend. With that said, allow me to add that I love what she writes about and the way she writes it. Her knack for communicating tough subjects in an entertaining and engaging manner is truly impressive, not to mention quite enjoyable to read. Her published pieces always get the thumbs up from me. So, when I needed a bio overhaul for my own website — peripherally aware that she offers these sorts of services — it was a no-brainer that Nell was the go-to girl for my brand story revamp. Many press mentions and important milestones were missing from my narrative timeline. Also absent was a cohesive tone of voice and flow. Nell went to work with the pieces I provided and delivered a personality-packed yet structured finished product. Now my bio not only informs folks of who I am, what I do and why it matters, but also conveys my genuine passion for fashion in fun meets functional language. I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend her for all your storytelling needs!” ~ Lois Eastlund, Fashion Designer

“When she learned about a fundraising dinner we were organizing for our nonprofit, Nell volunteered to coordinate the benefit event’s gift bag, raffle and silent auction elements. As a savvy supporter of the org — brimming with know-how and a can-do attitude — Nell leveraged her connections with sustainable brands to make the evening even more memorable, as well as successful. She secured donations from roughly 20 esteemed companies, including LUSH Cosmetics, Cornelia Guest and Freedom of Animals. One of the contributors we were introduced to (Hurraw! Balm) has since signed on to supply product for our forthcoming fall gala. We couldn’t be more pleased with her chutzpa and hustle, and recommend Nell for any of your ethical gift bag/raffle/silent auction needs. Her reputation and relationships are invaluable.”~ Amie Hamlin, Executive Director, Coalition for Healthy School Food

“I credit Nell with crafting a winning bio for my site. As a residential real estate broker in New York, it’s crucial I stand out from the pack. Nell helped me do just that. We first spoke on a Saturday and — based solely off our phone conversation — she delivered compelling copy come Monday. We worked together to trim and refine, but she laid the groundwork, taking a formerly flat About Me piece and adding dimension and detail, to pique curiosity and help potential clients connect with my unique narrative. Responsive, attentive, accessible and thorough, Nell is an excellent editor, capable of distilling from our discussion the most important points to touch on, then organizing everything in a palatable format for readers. She took the task and its short turnaround time seriously, which I really appreciate. As a bonus, I’ve already received quite a few compliments, sending several colleagues her way for their own content needs. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Nell. She is exceptionally skilled and I highly recommend her for any writing work you may require.~ Kristi Ambrosetti, Residential Real Estate Broker, Sotheby’s International Realty

“I hired Nell for a copyediting project and was very pleased with her work. She was proactive, took the time to understand our needs, and then delivered ahead of schedule. I would absolutely work with Nell again in the future.” ~ Jessica Beutler, Vice President, MAC Presents

“I was referred to Nell by a co-worker to help me with my bio for the company’s website. Nell was great from the beginning, and very patient. I am always busy, but she insisted with me until we finally met and sat down for the preliminary work. A short time later, she came back with a thorough bio. We reviewed it together and came up with a final product that I’m very happy about. I’m thrilled that, after quite some time dragging my feet to take care of this, she did it so seemingly effortlessly. She’s a professional and a pleasure to deal with.I would highly recommend her to anybody with editorial needs.~ Maria Bazo, Residential Real Estate Broker, Sotheby’s International Realty

Nell did an amazing job creating copy for my chef and boutique catering website. She conveyed my culinary career — from beginning to present day — with a compelling bio. She really has a great talent, putting people’s stories into words. And she does so in a way that makes you want to keep reading. Her copy helped create the image I wanted for my New York based business, Jay Astafa Catering. She also helped edit all areas of my website, offering numerous tips. Previously, my website didn’t feature enough information to help clients envision my brand. Now it has completely changed, thanks to Nell. I highly recommend hiring her to write your bio and your website copy. You will be amazed how well she captures you and your professional vision through her writing.” ~ Jay Astafa, Chef & Caterer

“We hired Nell to do PR for our plant-based pop-up dinner series, The Culinary Collective, in April 2015. Because of our busy schedules and some unforeseen circumstances, Nell had less than two weeks to create and plan a press campaign. That’s probably nothing close to standard when it comes to press campaigns, but Nell embraced the challenge and ensured our series was a press success. She reached out to her top contacts in the New York vegan scene to help us spread the word in a grassroots way, via social media and blog posts. She likewise helped us secure media coverage in various outlets, such as Edible Brooklyn, Examiner, Ecorazzi, Eater, Manhattan Magazine, Well + Good, Matt + Nat, The Daily Meal and more. We had a very ambitious launch, producing six popup dinners in the span of two-and-a-half weeks. I don’t think we would have enjoyed such success without Nell on our team.~ Chef Jay Astafa & Chef Angela Lowe, The Culinary Collective